Cynthia L. Vogt

Quilt Artist
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Cynthia Vogt is a quilt artist specializing in interpretive design using unique fabrics from around the world.  Since 2005, her work has been shown in galleries in the United States and in international quilt venues.


Cynthia is strongly influenced by her time living in Japan and the Middle East.  Her logo here is a Japanese Kanji for Ornare, to adorn.


Cynthia's current display quilts:
Shin-Gyo-So was Cynthia's first quilt at an International show.  Shin-Gyo-So was first shown in the Husqvarna Viking "Art Takes Shape" gallery at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2005, and has since been shown at venues around the world.  Click here for more detail.
Yatsuhashi is a winner at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2007, in the Art Abstract Small category.  Click here for more detail.
Kirehashi was first shown at the Lower Town Quilt Walk in Paducah, Kentucky, in 2007.  Click here for more detail.

About Cynthia Vogt:

Cynthia has been quilting for over twenty years, but she is a newcomer to the world of Art Quilts, having created her first piece in 2005.  She has been fortunate to live overseas much of the last twelve years.  Her two years in Japan have especially influenced the direction her quilts have taken, both in design and materials.


Cynthia's first Art Quilt, "Shin-Gyo-So", was juried into the Husqvarna Viking Gallery of Quilt Art 2005 Masterpieces  "Art Takes Shape" exhibit, and recently returned from an international tour.  Her quilt "Yatsuhashi" was exhibited in the Mid-Atlantic Qult Show in 2007, and named a winner at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2007 (Third Place, Art Abstract Small).  "Kirehashi" is her most recent work.


Cynthia is a member of the International Quilt Association and Studio Art Quilt Associates.  She now resides in Yorktown, Virginia, with her husband, youngest son, and pesky Scottish terrier.



Cynthia L. Vogt

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Yorktown, VA  23693 

Phone:  757-234-0747



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