Cynthia L. Vogt

Quilt Artist
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 Made in 2005, finalist in Husqvarna Viking Masterpieces:  Art Takes Shape, available for sale.
MaterialsSilk (Thai and dupioni); hand-loomed silk with fiddlehead fern cotton; hand-loomed silk with bamboo fiber; pineapple cloth; antique Kimono remnants; Japanese woven cottons; commercial cotton.
Techniques:  foundation piecing, machine piecing, machine quilted.
Size:  51" x 51"
Artist Statement
We sense our surroundings.  We choose pieces.  We shape and join, bringing art to life.
"Shin" is our shaping:  the planed wood, the squared post, the angular shrine in the Japanese Garden; my first panel.
"So" is naturalness, original:  the sand, stones and wood, nature's pieces for a garden; my third panel.
"Gyo" is the middle:  the raked sand, the mix from nature to formal Garden.
Feel Shin-Gyo-So, create for joy, and Art Takes Shape.
  • International Quilt Festival, Fall 2005, Houston, Texas
  • International Quilt Festival, Spring 2006, Chicago, Illinois
  • Patchwork & Quilt Exposition, June 2006, Lyon, France
  • Festival of Quilts, August 2006, Birmingham, England
  • Ahus, August-September 2006, Denmark
  • Tirol, October 2006, Austria
  • Hjorring, Vendsyssel Historiske Museum, April-May 2007, Denmark
  • Studio Art Quilt Associates Amazing Art Quilts, August - October 2008, Staunton , Virginia
  • Studio Art Quilt Associates Amazing Art Quilts, February 2009, Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XX, Hampton, Virginia